About Orange Coast


For your peace of mind, we promise this to you:

  • We will always provide you with lease and financing options that are both competitive and transparent
  • We will enhance your ownership experience by offering the following options:

  • Extended Service Contracts customized to fit your driving habitsGuidepoint for your protection
  • Pre-paid maintenance to enable stress-free budgeting
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance, just in case
  • A comprehensive Finishing Touch Owner Care package
  • Nitro Fill to improve your tires' performance and give you better MPG


Things you should know before you make a buying decision:

  • If you choose, you can get your own financingInterest rates may be negotiable
  • If you finance the vehicle utilizing one of our lenders, we do receive compensation as part of the finance charge
  • The purchase of aftermarket items, accessories, or protection packages are not required, and they are not necessary in order to lower your interest rate
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